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Dear Reader,

Thank you for your interest in my website.  I take great pride in developing quality content that appeals to readers with both a sense of Fiscal Conservatism — a leaner California government with lower taxes and less involvement– and a belief in Social Centrism — that every individual can do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t affect the rights or wallet of anyone else.  Hopefully the same interest in California Politics that brought you to the site will inspire you to both comment on the site and to contribute your own work.

You will notice some changes coming to the site in the coming weeks. My hope is to make it more than “just a blog”, but rather a community where users can exchange opinions. Feel free to Register as a member and begin posting your own opinion on California public policy or comment on someone elses. Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks again for your interest in California Politics and The Policy Report.

Adam Haverstock

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