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Adam Haverstock – Editor

Adam is a registered Republican. He considers himself a center-right political orientation. A social moderate, he supports policies that allow individuals their human rights without paying for those allowances with other citizens’ tax dollars or infringing on the personal rights of others. He considers fiscal issues to be his area of interest.

Adam attended the Leon Panetta Institute for Public Policy in Monterey, CA and studied California Politics under Leon Panetta, the former Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton. He has spent several years visiting Sacramento and Washington DC lobbying in support of Higher Education and in support of various pieces of legislation. He has worked on campaigns for candidates in and around the San Fernando Valley, California.

He holds a BA in Psychology from California State University, Northridge. He currently works as a researcher in the recreation and hospitality industry.

Contributing Writers

In addition to regular updates on recent California policy matters, The Policy Report receives commentary from contributors.  The Policy report does not edit contributor content, it is displayed in its original form despite it’s political ideology.  Contributors as well do not necessarily agree on the complete policy ideology of The Policy Report.

Igor Kagan

Igor is a registered Democrat. Politically, he leans left, but argues that he is objective. In his perfect world everyone would have equal opportunity to reach their full potential. This goal informs and motivates his political beliefs.

When not debating politics, Igor enjoys sports, reading, and nature. An engaged citizen, Igor sits on the executive board of the San Fernando Valley Young Democrats, the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley(DP/SFV), and volunteers for Grid Alternatives, a non profit that installs solar panels for low income homeowners. During the day, he works as a renewable energy advocate.

Igor holds a BA in Public Policy and Communication Studies from California State University Northridge. Born in Ukraine, Igor now proudly calls Los Angeles his home.

Want To Contribute?

We are always looking for concerned citizens who would like to write about local, state or federal politics.  There are a few conditions:

  • You must live in California or have a working knowledge of the California Government.
  • You must have good writing skills including grammar and spelling.  This is a part-time project and we don’t have time to proofread all of your writing.
  • You cannot be extremely partisan.  We pride ourselves on being moderates who encourage bipartisan solutions to problems.  If you are too liberal or conservative, you just wont fit in.

If you feel you meet the qualifications above, email your article (including photos) to Adam for review.

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