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The Policy Report is published by Adam Haverstock and Igor Kagan.  It was started on September 8, 2008 when the two discussed the need for an outlet to express their opinions on California Politics in a state where very few people understand the makeup of the government, let alone debate how to make it effective.

We are based in the San Fernando Valley, CA and most of our discussions focus on Los Angeles, the State of California and, of course, the United States.

We always welcome comments. This blog is intended to be a place where voters share their opinions about issues that affect them.

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Mission Statement

The purpose of The Policy Report is to inject common sense debate and analysis on public policy issues into a world of spin and extreme partisanship.  The writing is intended to never be negative, but can occasionally be critical.

Can I repost The Policy Report articles on my site?

Yes, as long as you accept the following conditions:

  1. This site is licensed under a Creative Commons License.  You are only allowed to reproduce content as long as it is not for profit.
  2. You must give credit for the original article to The Policy Report and link to the website (

Go to the Creative Commons website for more information about content distribution.

Can my company/campaign advertise on your site?

The publishers of the site want to keep it from being a minefield of advertising.  That being said, a few advertisements placed in the sidebar would help offset the cost of the domain, hosting, etc.

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